--------Body Scrub/ Gomage: $79 for 60 min--------

It is a type of exfoliation. Organic products are applied all over body to exfoliate the skin. The process causes friction that makes gomage crème build up and fall way, taking dead surface skin cells with it. The process also raises blood circulation. Skin is refreshed and brings a healthy shine.


--------Body Wrap: $89 (60-90 min)--------

Wraps are a quick way of firming upper arm, breasts, belly, hips, buttocks and thighs which often appear bloated or heavy due to water and waste retentions. Body is massaged using Lymphatic Massage Drainage Techniques and then wrapped using medical grade bandage to help absorb excess water. Body feels light and muscles are tightened.


*all prices are starting points and are at the discretion of the stylists and/or management