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One Ingredient You Need to Grow Eyebrows Faster Than Ever

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Celebrities on glossy magazines to selfies on Snapchat or Instagram – thick and bushy eyebrows are trending everywhere. Hence, the more and the thicker your eyebrows are, the better they are in shape. However, not everyone possess thick arc of … Read More

5 Types of Hair extensions – Which Type of Hair Extensions Is Right for You?

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How many types of hair extensions are there and how to choose the right type as per my hair type? Will it suit or damage my hair? In case these and other hair extensions apprehensions are getting you in the … Read More

10 Natural Skin Tightening Alternatives to Facelift Treatments for Sagging Skin

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With time and years of exposure to environmental pollution, damages caused by sun’s UV rays, unhealthy lifestyle habits such as prolonged intake of junk foods, smoking and alcohol consumption, chemical use on skin, and pregnancy among others take a toll … Read More

13 Super Cool Nail Art Tips to Make Manicure Last Longer Than Usual

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Is your newly painted nail art is chipping within a day after you have done your manicure? Many of our customers walked in our Folsom nail salon first time with this common manicure problem, seeking manicure tip on how they … Read More

5 REALLY EFFECTIVE Natural Hair Masks to Grow Hair Longer, Faster

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“How can I grow my hair longer and faster?” – is a common question our Make Me Divine clients ask us most frequently. in response to such hair care queries, our Folsom hair salon does not recommend any cosmetic shortcut … Read More

5 Lesser Known Uses of Aloe Vera Gel to Get Rid of Skin Problems

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Though we are familiar with myriad benefits of aloe vera gel for skin care, unfortunately, most of us go wrong in using this using this natural ingredient effectively. Aloe vera gel can be used both directly or blended with other … Read More

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